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Nissan Announces Next Step in Carbon Neutrality

Nissan Announces Next Step in Carbon Neutrality

Nissan recently announced the introduction of Nissan EV36Zero, which is the first EV manufacturing ecosystem seen in the world. This hub for electric vehicles has been launched with a 1 billion-pound investment. Nissan is partnering with Envision AESC, a leader in batteries and their technology.

A Leader in Electrification

This project is centered around a plant located in Sunderland UK where electric vehicles, battery production, and renewable energy are produced. The approach is threefold:

  • Developing and producing electric vehicles
  • On-board batteries to store energy
  • Reuse of batteries for other purposes
  • The result of this goal is a plant in Sunderland where the new generation all-electric vehicles will be produced and a Gigafactory from Envision AESC for the production of batteries. This project and alliance will strengthen Nissan’s position in electrification and providing value to customers. It will also provide hundreds of green jobs to provide a boost to the British industry. At the same time, the initiative will help people travel in a sustainable way that is also affordable.

    As the producer of the first mass-market all-electric vehicle with the LEAF, Nissan is now pioneering the next stage in the move towards full electrification. Already having spent 35 years in Sunderland with a manufacturing plant, this new project includes 6200 jobs with 900 new jobs at the Sunderland location and 750 new jobs for Envision AESC at the battery plant.

    The battery plant will implement AloT smart technology to optimize energy consumption as it increases production to be able to provide enough batteries to power 100,000 Nissan electric models each year. This plant is the first Gigafactory at scale in Britain and helps to show the country’s capabilities and leadership in automotive manufacturing. It is powered by renewable energy and will increase the competitiveness of EV batteries in cost, making electric vehicles more affordable.

    Renewable Energy to Power Project

    The project will make use of Nissan’s wind and solar farms with the possible addition of up to ten more solar farms. Plans include a 1MW battery storage system using batteries on their second life. This system would capture energy during daytime hours and be used at other times. Nissan’s goal aligns with the city of Sunderland where the city council has its own goal to make the city carbon neutral by 2040. The Sunderland plant is the largest in the UK with more than 46,000 jobs provided. Currently, the plant is producing the Nissan LEAF, Juke, and Qashqai. Most of these models are exported to the mainland in Europe with another 20 percent sold right in the UK. The other ten percent are exported outside of Europe.

    Nissan maintains its commitment to be a leader in electric vehicles and carbon neutrality. You can learn more about the current electric and hybrid Nissan models at Premier Nissan. Stop in today to test drive the Nissan LEAF and other models and learn more about electric vehicles. Whether it’s your first introduction to electric or an upgrade from a current model, you’ll find a great selection right here close to home at Premier Nissan.