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Nissan Awarded as an EPA Energy Leader

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Nissan Recognized by EPA as Energy Leader

Premier Nissan is even more proud to be Nissan dealer after Nissan was awarded the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence, which is handed out by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This award is the highest honor given out to companies that are dedicated to protecting the environment.

This award is the 12th Partner of the Year award for Nissan and the 10th year in a row that the company has received the Sustained Excellence Award. The award is given for a company’s work on reducing emissions from greenhouse gases while improving the management of energy within operations.

Protecting the Environment

Since 2006 when Nissan became an ENERGY STAR partner, the company has saved almost eight trillion BTUs of energy used in manufacturing vehicles and assembly. When converting the energy saved to what is needed to fuel the Nissan LEAF, it amounts to more than 44 round trips from the Earth to the sun or an estimated 8.3 billion miles.

Just in 2020, Nissan was able to reduce absolute energy by 21 percent at the manufacturing plants around the US. To achieve these goals, Nissan has made the transition to more efficient technologies. For instance, it now uses LED lighting while including energy efficiency in all aspects of the design. Employees are engaged in managing energy, enabling them to assist with energy efficiency.

Nissan looks beyond its own plants to the sphere of influence within the communities where it is located. The manufacturer works with schools to help with their initiatives to save energy. Many of them go onto earn the ENERGY STAR certification.

Nissan is showing the way to others through its commitment to protecting the environment and the planet with solid business practices that are energy efficient and energy saving. The company has a goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 across operations globally and through the life cycle of the products.

Paving the Way with the Nissan LEAF

The commitment Nissan has is seen in its vehicles. The Nissan LEAF is the only electric model for Nissan at this time, but it is paving the way for more models to be designed and introduced to the consumer. This model can travel up to 111 combined mileage before needing to be charged with a range of up to 226 miles. Along with the impressive range, you can enjoy instant acceleration and agile handling with low maintenance for a worry-free driving experience.

The battery pack is mounted on the floor to provide a low center of gravity for more fun in your drive. Every time your foot hits the gas pedal, you have instant performance with 100 percent torque. With fewer working parts, this model has fewer service needs. No tune-ups because spark plugs and timing belts aren’t necessary. You don’t even need an oil change.

Electric makes more sense for today’s drivers with advanced technology making it a more appealing option. Add in potential tax credits and other incentives and rebates, and you have a good deal on an efficient-eco-friendly car. Find out more about the Nissan LEAF at Premier Nissan Group today.