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Nissan Lease Specials

2021 Nissan Sentra

The Nissan lease program is an excellent option for someone ready to get into the latest model Nissan in just a few years. You get all the benefits of a new vehicle without the substantial depreciation, long-term maintenance and repair worries, and the hassle of selling a car that is a few years old to purchase your new dream car. And when you work with the sales and leasing experts at Premier Nissan, you also get personalized service and assistance from our in-house finance team. So make the short drive from your home in Hayward or Fremont to experience all that leasing a Nissan from Premier Nissan has to offer you in addition to a great vehicle.

Constant Care

Nissan lessees appreciate that they always have the team from Nissan Motor Acceptance Company guiding them as they reach the end of their lease period. Months before the end of lease date arrives, the team is in regular communication to explain your options and obligations when you reach the end of your lease agreement. And if you have questions at any time during this period, you have several ways to contact a representative. This is all a part of Nissan's long-term commitment when you lease one of our exceptional vehicles.

You Have Options

You might have chosen a lease because it was your best option at the time you needed a new vehicle. But life is constantly changing, and you need to have the flexibility to change right along with it. Or maybe you just fell in love with your Maxima, Armada, or Pathfinder, and you are not ready to get a new vehicle. But regardless of the reason, you have several choices as you reach the end of your lease term.

Replace Your Nissan

As you near the end of your lease, you certainly have the option to return your current vehicle and select a new Nissan to lease. Your replacement vehicle could also be the purchase of a new Nissan if your financial situation has changed and that better suits your needs. And either way, you are sure to enjoy several great Nissan Loyalty offers.

Return Your Nissan

You also have the option to return your Nissan at the end of your lease and make no additional purchase or lease. This choice is perfect for anyone who no longer needs the use of a new vehicle. Again, your life and needs can change, and the team at Nissan wants to ensure that we can always meet your current and long-term needs.

Purchase Your Nissan

Finally, if you can't imagine life without your Nissan, you are welcome to purchase it. Think of your lease as a very thorough test drive. And when you find that your vehicle perfectly meets your needs, it can be yours forever.

To learn more about the fantastic advantages of a Nissan lease, visit the experts at Premier Nissan. We have a comprehensive inventory for you to explore and find your perfect new Nissan vehicle to lease.