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EV and Hybrid Models at Premier Nissan

Nissan Electric Vehicles

EV and Hybrid Vehicles at Premier Kia of Carlsbad

Nissan has been leading the way for alternative fuel vehicles with the Nissan LEAF. This model isn’t the only vehicle to offer options for the eco-conscious buyer. Nissan offers an entire selection of hybrid and EV models, loaded with the latest in amenities and technology for a more enjoyable drive.

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Hybrid Vehicles

For the first-time buyer of alternative fuel vehicles, the hybrid model makes a solid choice. This type of vehicle includes both an engine and an electric motor to conserve fuel. The motor assists the engine to be more fuel efficient, especially during acceleration.

Regenerative braking is part of a hybrid’s fuel management. Energy released during braking is stored in the battery until it is used during acceleration. You get more power without using more fuel.

Hybrid vehicles are increasing in number on the roads. Buyers choose them because they are more affordable than electric models. They also have no limits on traveling range since the gasoline engine continues to take them however far they need to go until refueling. These models also reduce the amount of CO2 emissions in the air even though they don’t eliminate it.

Electric Vehicles

An electric vehicle doesn’t require gasoline at all, which means zero emissions. There is no engine, no fuel tank, no spark plugs, or other components seen in traditional vehicles.

While these vehicles are more expensive to purchase, the price is coming down as more models are released. They also reduce the cost of ownership, since you have very little maintenance with no oil changes and other service. Charging stations are found around the country with fast charging stations to get you back on your way sooner.

Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

This vehicle is a cross between the other two options. A gasoline engine is included along with the electric motor. You can run on gasoline, electric or a combination. You eliminate the issue of range with a plug-in model.

Nissan Electric and Hybrid Models

Nissan LEAF

The flagship of alternative fuel vehicles for Nissan, the LEAF offers impressive range and amenities. Travel up to 226 miles on a single charge with instant acceleration. At the same time, you can enjoy the finer things with Bose Energy Efficient Series Premium Audio for quality sound and heated front seats for chilly days.

Nissan Ariya

An electric crossover, the Ariya model will cause you to look at commuting and carpooling in a whole new way. Clean lines on the outside and premium comfort inside ensure you enjoy every journey with fewer distractions and less stress. Take on the challenges of the road with e-4ORCE All-Wheel Drive and up to 389 horsepower.

As Nissan continues to innovate, you can expect to see more alternative fuel models available. Learn more about the LEAF and Ariya when you visit Premier Nissan. Stop in for a test drive and learn more about electric performance. Find out how to make one of these models your new ride for an environmentally friendly choice today.