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Benefits of Owning a Hybrid/EV in California

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2021 Nissan Electric Vehicles

California is one of the leading states in environmental regulation, which is why it’s no surprise that the state encourages drivers to choose models with fewer carbon emissions. This state rewards those buyers who drive hybrid and electric models for making an eco-friendly choice. Your friends at Premier Nissan want to make sure you are getting the most out of your purchase.

No HOV Restrictions

California removes the requirements for driving in diamond and carpool lanes for anyone driving a fuel-efficient vehicle. Even if you drive alone, you have the right to be in those special lanes when you’re behind the wheel of a hybrid or electric vehicle.

Drivers of these vehicles don’t have to pay the tolls on High Occupancy Toll roads. The result is that you save time getting to your destination. Before you can qualify for HOV or HOT access, you must have a Clean Air Vehicle decal from your local DMV. You can review the information on the DMV website to see whether you qualify for the green or white decal.

Enjoy free parking in San Jose, Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, and Sacramento if you drive one of the qualified vehicles. The DMV website provides details to know if your vehicle meets requirements to qualify.

Special Incentives to Own a Hybrid or EV Model in California

Many California insurance providers offer special discounts for anyone who owns an efficient vehicle. For instance, you may receive an alternative fuel vehicle discount, low-mileage discount, or a hybrid auto discount. You can ask about such discounts when you shop for car insurance.

Another incentive to trade in your current vehicle for a hybrid or EV is for the $1500 you might get if you retire it. You can put that money towards an alternative fuel model to help you save even more money down the line.

Other Benefits for Choosing Alternative Fuel Models

Along with special advantages you receive in California for driving an eco-friendly model, you also get benefits that are standard no matter where you live. For example, you’ll save money as you pass by all those gas stations. Instead of paying to fill up, you can keep driving.

Another way to save money with an electric model is in the reduced maintenance. These vehicles don’t have an engine, fuel tank, spark plugs, and other components found in traditional gasoline vehicles. There is no need to have an oil change or other tune-ups, which means less money spent to care for your vehicle. About the only maintenance needed with these models is tire replacement.

Buying a Hybrid or EV Nissan

Buying a Hybrid or EV Nissan is easy at Premier Nissan. These models are becoming more affordable for the average buyer with prices comparable to traditional gasoline models in some instances. You can also get financing for your hybrid or EV Nissan with our in-house finance department. With competitive rates and flexible terms, you’ll find an auto loan that fits your budget for one of our hybrid or EV models.

To find more about Nissan hybrid or EV models or take one for a test drive, stop by Premier Nissan today.